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Quantum Play shines a spotlight on Adriano Design. An award winning and leading edge design studio founded by brothers Davide and Gabriele Adriano. This talented Italian partnership is responsible for the design of the unique and ground breaking  Calma e Gesso collection, which features a crystal glass pool table and ping-pong table in association with BD Design.

The Adriano brothers have been bringing us state-of-the-art designs since 1997 from their creative hub in Turin, Italy. Redefining classics and bringing a new sense of style and functionality to products. Their desire to break the rules and take on new and exciting ways to take us forward and embrace the future of design is highlighted in one of their motto’s “Design every thing and always take up the challenge: every single thing can be forever re-designed in a different and better way”.

Although now synonymous for their revolutionary take on the traditional games tables the Adriano Brothers have worked with leading brands and have a distinct portfolio of products that been given a new perspective, a fresh approach and a stunning fusion of beauty, form and functionality, winning countless design awards and prestigious accolades across the world.

The Adriano brothers have now launched a spectacular collection with architect and founder of BD Design, Gregg Broderick. The successful team have this year launched the new brand Calma e Gesso and presented us with the unique floating glass Filotto Pool Table. The next games table to receive the midas touch was the traditional ping-pong table. Reinvented in pure crystal the Lungolinea Ping-Pong is a stunning example that demonstrates games tables can be works of arts as well as sporting entertainment.


The portfolio of the Adriano Brothers encompasses a wide diversity of products. In true Italian style the design of the HY espresso machine represents the transition between the Italian Art of espresso making and the Technological future of espresso machines. With character and elegance the evolution of the espresso machine brings a new refinement to the brewing of our coffee as one of the first coffee maker of its kind that maintains the manuality of the barista and the familiar gestures of a normal coffee preparation.


Showcasing the versatility of their skills the Adriano Brothers worked with La Castellamonte on the contemporary and innovative Stack Stove. The Stack reinterprets the ancient tradition of ceramic stoves, through a contemporary shape, with attention for the newest housing requirements and low environmental impact. Through the technological advancement and incredible design the Stack Stove won a series of prestigious awards and ads to the Adriano Brothers philosophy of creating future classics with passion and vision.


Quantum Play is delighted to showcase the work of the Adriano Brothers through our brands Calma e Gesso. View the full range on Quantum Play.

See the full portfolio of the Adriano Studio projects here. Select images courtesy of Adriano Design.

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