Unootto Poker Table

from Impatia

Remodeling and Home Design

The classic octagonal shape of the poker table is reinterpreted and developed by the designer Enrico Azzimonti around the artisan culture of the diamond, with fine leather crown and whose overturned pavilion consists of a delicate interlacement of crystal legs, giving light and ethereal dimension to the
structure and capturing the fascinating brightness of the gemstone. Unootto is the reinterpretation of the traditional professional poker table for A-Game, made lightweight, elegant and sophisticated.
The refined lines of Unootto welcome the player “in the zone,” that magic area that gives name to the collection in which the individual becomes one with the table, plunging into the game to the point of being able to predict his opponents’ moves and transform his own to elicit success. An exclusive
condition, an experience to be lived with a table game that is just as exclusive.
And, for a professional set of branded accessories, a special chest is also provided: a leather box, available in 5 colours, with an elegant crystal cover.


The Unootto Poker Table is designed of a unique crystal glass case and table legs featuring metal components. The top frame surround is leather covered and the cloth layouts available in 25 different colours.

Size: 72,5 cm X 157 cm X 76 cm 28,5” X 62”


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