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Toulet Blacklight Shuffle board

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Remodeling and Home Design
Toulet have completed a hat-rick with their new addition to the Blacklight and Blackball designs. The latest addition to the family is the sleek new Shuffleboard. It has taken its influence from the curvacious design of the Blacklight Pool Table, showcasing the same revolutionary steel resin with a sleek chrome frame and counter. The contrast cushion perfectly enfolds the polished wood surface. The bespoke options match their partners in this modern  family of gaming excellence, with unique colour combinations and luxury finishes available.
Create the finest trilogy in your games room and let your game time stand out from the crowd.

The Toulet Blacklight Shuffleboard is available in 4 meter (13ft) length and comes with set of chrome pucks.

Please ask us about the custom finish options for the Shuffleboard.


Quantum Play offers a very personal and discreet service to ensure we provide you with a product that truly reflects your lifestyle, your personality and you’re interior.

Please contact us for the full range of customisable options for the Le Toulet Portfolio.

Custom order for the Blacklight Shuffleboard are 8-10 weeks.

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Blacklight Pool Table - Toulet