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Recreate the country Mansion feel with this masterpiece of the billiard table makers craft. Sober and imposing this statement piece of furniture will enhance any traditional games room. Crafted with it’s bold, solid Walnut cabinet over the striking, bulbous solid Walnut turned and polished legs.

The unique iron slate frame supports the precision ground slate to ensure a lifetime’s trueness. The solid Walnut top rail is bolted to the slate to ensure the most perfect and consistent rebound and playing characteristics. The renaisssance has American specification cushions and pockets so oversize balls are required to play English pool or snooker.

The cabinet externals are kept smooth to conceal the internal ball return system, which truly enhances the furniture style of this authentic bygone style of pool and snooker table. Get a French antique billiards style table for that classicly refined look.



SIZE: 6ft / 7ft / 7.2ft/ 8ft / 8.5ft / 9.2ft / 10ft


Quantum Play offers a very personal and discreet service to ensure we provide you with a product that truly reflects your lifestyle, your personality and you’re interior. Please contact us for the full range of customisable options for the Toulet Portfolio.

Custom orders for the Renaissane Billiard Table are 8-10 weeks.

Please enquire for the International regions Quantum Play can service with the  Toulet portfolio.

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