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Lungolinea Ping-Pong Table

from Impatia

Remodeling and Home Design

The Lungolinea Ping-Pong Table is the latest addition to the Calma e Gesso collection, an exquisite object of desire and exclusivity. The idea of playing on a transparent games table seems impossible, but thanks to a series of spectacular inventions, devised by Adriano Design, it is possible for even the most competitive professional players to enjoy a game of ping-pong on a table made of glass.

The Lungolinea challenges perceptions and breathes a new blend of design and gaming. A fusion that demonstrates the sophistication and ingenuity of Italian design and craftsmanship.


The Lungolinea Ping-Pong Table is designed of a unique crystal glass case and table legs featuring metal components.

Size: 152,5 cm X 274 cm X 76 cm 30” X 108”
Weight: 400 kg / 880 lbs


Quantum Play offers a very personal and discreet service to ensure we provide you with a product that truly reflects your lifestyle, your personality and you’re interior. Please contact us for the full range of customisable options for the Calma e Gesso Portfolio.

Custom orders of the Lungolinea Ping-Pong Table have a lead time from 10 weeks weeks.

Please enquire for the International regions Quantum Play can service with the Calma e Gesso portfolio.

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