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In honour of  the announcement of the latest Bond movie number 24, Spectre, we are celebrating the occasion here at Quantum Play with our top picks of the toys and gadgets that are on our most wanted list this Christmas!

1.Die Another Day – The Invisible Car

In the 2002 Die Another Day, Bond enjoys his signature Aston Martin, but this time with a twist! The invisibility cloak ensured he could drive without being seen. This amazing piece of technology was made possible with hundreds of cameras used to reflect back what you were seeing,  thus cloaking the secret agent and his hot wheels.

James Bond Gadgets

2. Quantum of Solace – The Multi Touch Table

The spectacular visual delight of watching the agents interact with the documents and information displayed on this high tech table had us all wishing we owned one of these cool gadgets to bring game time to work time!

James Bond - Quantum of Solace

3. Live and Let Die – The Magnetic Rolex

The luxe Rolex watch owned by Bond in Live and Let Die had two unique features, with one click it became a highly charged magnet strong enough to repel a bullet and to attract objects to aide Bond’s escape! As If that were not cool enough, the watch also doubled as a circular saw allowing him to escape from his ties along with Solitaire. We say that’s reason enough to be in our top picks of must have toys.

James Bond - Rolex Watch

4. Diamonds are Forever – The Floating Air Balloon

This clever device helps Bond enter the Oil rig in Diamonds are Forever. Dropped from a plane it parachutes to the water where it allows Bond to literally walk on water and stay undetected as he approaches his target. Pretty awesome if you ask us!

James Bond - Floating Air Baloon

5. Casino Royale & Skyfall – The Aston Martin DB5

Of course our top 5 wouldn’t be complete without a luxury car and our hot favourite is the Aston DB5 as seen in Casino Royale and Skyfall. Although it features less of the unique gadgets this classic has firmly established itself as our most wanted Bond luxury toy this Christmas.

James Bond - Aston Martin

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