The home of French Billiards design since 1857, Toulet draws on its rich heritage to offer a stunning range of beautifully crafted billiard tables in pool, snooker and carom specifications.

Traditional and classic designs in sumptuous woods are complemented by eye-catching contemporary models using the latest materials and modern technologies. Known for their continued innovation Toulet is the brand behind the revolutionary Blacklight Pool Table. With its effortless curves and flawless execution this slick table by Toulet delivers a unique curved steel resin design with a ribbon effect silhouette.

Toulet offer a new perspective on the modern games table. This unique design house provides an unrivaled level of customisation. With over 500 unique colour combinations and the choice of luxury finishes, LED lighting and bespoke logos,which truly sets this modern Pool Table apart from the crowd. Toulet will even work with clients on their own personal ideas to create a one of kind design for their games room.

The Blackball Foosball Table and Blacklight Shuffleboard complete this particular collection, and create the perfect trilogy for your modern games room. Manufactured in France with a dedicated in house team of designers, Toulet brings experience, innovation, tradition and sophistication to their collection.

Retaining their reputation for constantly evolving,  Toulet has recently launched a new collaboration with French and Arsenal professional Footballer, Mathieu Debuchy. The new Foosball collection, known as Debuchy by Toulet brings together a formidable and winning team to offer a modern, bespoke foosball collection. Debuchy personally over sees the design and manufacture of this elite range of foosball tables. This exciting new collaboration reaches an even wider audience as the design and craftsmanship are now endorsed and played on by one of the world’s leading sporting figures.

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