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Impatia reinvents the classics and showcases the fusion of what is possible when Italian designers, artists, and craftsmen unite their creative forces.

The Calma-e-Gesso brand’s philosophy is embodied in its name, an Italian expression that, having originated in the world of billiards, has become a part of everyday language. It encapsulates that moment of reflection – ‘calma’ – that the player takes before a difficult shot, carefully considering his next move while rotating chalk – ‘gesso’ – on the tip of his cue stick. It is, at the same time, both a direction and a motto, inviting the individual to take the time to evaluate their position and find the best solution, to avoid making a hasty decision. Everything that goes into that moment of calm before we have to make an important decision is part of what has helped create Calma-e-Gesso.

This synergy sparks design elements that are daring, distinct, and destined to become classics. Launched in 2014, the Filotto crystal glass Pool Table embodies this never-ending endeavor to search for new masterpieces of Italian style. Complemented by the Lungolinea Ping-Pong Table which through its lightness, and sophistication of the technical material and technology is a visual master piece.

The refined lines of Unootto welcome the player “in the zone,” that magic area that gives name to the collection in which the individual becomes one with the table, plunging into the game to the point of being able to predict his opponents’ moves and transform his own to elicit success. An exclusive condition, an experience to be lived with a table game that is just as exclusive.

As true objects of desire the Filotto Pool Table, Lungolinea Ping-Pong Table and Unootto Poker table are the perfect unique addition to the interiors of the most discerning clients, who take their pleasure seriously.

This collection of modern games tables by the luxury brand Impatia is pushing the boundaries of art, design and entertainment. Made in Italy and with a truly exceptional and detailed level of craftsmanship and finish you would expect from this experienced team.

The Designers:

Filotto and Lungolinea have been designed by the Torino based company Adriano Design. Formed of brothers Davide and Gabriele Adriano, their work has been displayed in some of the most distinguished museums, including the Triennale Design Museum and the Chicago Atheneaum. They have received numerous international awards, including the Compasso d’Oro ADI 2014. The Calma e Gesso Collection perfectly sums up mission of creating pieces which refuse to play by the rules.

Unootto was born from the creativity of Enrico Azzimonti, architect and designer who founded his own studio in 1994 along the Sempione, the nineteenth-century Napoleonic road that linked Milan with Paris.
Driven by a passion for innovation and Italian industrial design perfection, he manages small products as well as big products with enthusiasm, bringing design culture to every project.
A selection of his projects are permanently shown in Barcelona, at Museu del les Arts Decoratives.

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