5 Star Game Time at the Maxx Royal Resort

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Quantum Play installed a creative masterpiece in engineering in the form of the G1 Pool Table by Elite Innovations to the newly opened luxury Maxx Royal Resort in  Antalya, Turkey for its grand opening.

The G1 is the flagship Glass Pool Table by Australian brand Elite Innovations, formally known as Nottage Design. The table was finished in a black gloss and contrast anthracite grey cushion. With its exposed integrated ball return system and unique vitrik clear playing surface, this statement piece was a perfect addition to the breathtaking and luxurious interior design of the newly opened hotel in Turkey by the Maxx Royal brand.

Positioned to perfection in the statement Jay lounge the G1 Pool Table creates a perfect synergy and presents a design classic that demands attention.

G1 Pool Table - Maxx Royal Resort Turkey - quantum-play.com

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