Timeless design through simplicity and detail
Effortless Curves and Flawless Execution
The Blacklight Pool Table simply delivers on all its promises
Transparent Genius to breathtaking effect
The Lungolinea transforms perceptions
Break Away from Tradition
The G7 innovates, it inspires, and it will create a visual spectacle
Passionate Play
The Blackball Foosball delivers superior entertainment
Design your own pool table
With our online design software

Delivering superior entertainment

Luxury designer games products to stand out from the crowd

Quantum Play delivers exclusive, luxury and designer pool tables and foosball tables for the ultimate in entertainment experience. Our range is innovative and original, creating a spectacle and demanding attention. We present a stunning showcase of exclusive brands including the revolutionary G1 Pool Table from Elite Innovations, the Blacklight Pool Table, the full range of both contemporary and traditional tables from Toulet and the worlds most innovative foosball collection from Debuchy by Toulet.


We are the only company to offer this unrivalled collection of premium products.

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Craftsmanship of the highest standard

Our ethos

Quantum Play brings together an unrivaled collection of premium brands. Our service offer’s unique customisation and a bespoke finish for our discerning clients. Our team will help inform you on the range of options for each brand.We sell designer pool tables and foosball tables that can be customised with a range of finishes, including unique colour combinations, LED lighting, bespoke logos, and Limited Editions.We work with individuals, interior designers, architects and corporate companies to deliver premium products.We provide a discreet and personal service from selection right through to installation.Working closely with our suppliers and designers to ensure your exact requirements are met, and that we deliver an exceptional product that will offer you a truly superior entertainment experience. Our capabilities reach worldwide, and our logistics and installation expertise will cater for your individual requirements. Ensure your ‘game time’ stands out from the crowd and with Quantum Play.Contact us today to enquire about our luxury collection of the world’s most unique designer games products.

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